We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is sinful to skip it. Though much tempted to skip breakfast in order to lose weight, young girls are now realising that it is not the right thing to do. But hey, there are so many different versions of “good breakfast” that teenagers are often misled. For example a brand of cereal says that you can lose weight in just a couple of weeks by eating a bowl of cereal for your meals. What it doesn’t say on the pack, however, is that it is really hard to survive on bowls of cereal! People get hungry, and if not fed, they get cranky!!!

What Constitutes a Good Breakfast?

1. Low Fat Dairy: Could be milk or yogurt.

2. Eggs, whole: Don’t worry about the cholestrol, yellows are not bad cholestrol.

3. Healthy whole grain carbs: Make sure you get oats and avoid sugar coated packeted cereal.

4. Fruit/Vegetable: Chopped or in smoothies. Avoid juices.

Tea and Coffee are okay as long as you don’t down  cups before lunch, and go easy on the sugar.

Parathas, burgers, rolls, fries etc are of course a big NO!

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