If you like to read health related information, you must have come across the term “5-20 Rule” regarding food labels. What is this rule?

The 5-20 rule is a guideline for choosing your food when you buy it off shelves in a store. This applies to processed food or paclaged food. As you know, all food packagings have a label on them, outlining the ingredients and nutrient contents. The 5-20 rules suggests that these labels can be used to reach your health and diet goals.

If you are trying to consume less of any nutrient or food component, look for food items that are labelled with 5% or less of daily value. So if you are trying to reduce sugar consumption, choose food items that confirm that the sugar content is 5% or lesser of the Daily Value.

Similarly, if you are trying to get more of a particular nutrient, go for food items that have 20% or more of DV. For example, if you are trying to increase protein consumption, go for a food item that is labelled with 20% or higher protein of required Daily Value.

If you go by this 5-20 rule, you should be able to meet your health and nutrition goals.

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