Curd has been a part of our Indian diet for ages. We cannot imagine a life without curd. But in recent years another similar product called Yogurt has been added to store shelves and our lives. What is the difference between curd and yogurt, apart from the taste and flavour?

Curd, as we all know is made in every Indian home by curdling milk with a spoonful of curd. Since curd contains bacteria called Lactobacillus, the bacteria multiplies in the warm milk and creates another batch of curd. Scientists say that the bacterial culture in curd varies from home to home and it is possible that the bacteria may not reach your gut alive.

Yogurt is a factory made product which is made by adding 2 strains of bacteria to the milk – Lactobacillus Bulgaris and Streptococcus Thermophilus. These are good bacteria made in labs, and likelihood of them reaching you gut alive is higher. Since Yogurt is made in factories, there are more flavour options available. Many companies also fortify their yogurt with vitamins.

So it is a good idea to include some yogurt in your diet along with your daily dose of dahi!

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