We all know that salt is a very important component of our diet. It is essential for our living as it regulates the water and mineral balance in the body. But even though salt is essential for existence, eating too much salt can have a bad effect on our health. What happen to our bodies when we eat too much salt?

When you consume too much salt, your kidneys work harder to maintain the water-sodium balance in the body. Your kidneys will begin to retain water to maintain this balance and your body will begin to become puffy due to water retention. You will also feel more thirsty than usual because your body is trying to achieve the required water-salt balance. Eating too much salt can elevate your blood pressure. This is especially worrisome for people who suffer from hypertension. Consuming too much salt can turn out to be fatal for such people. Too much salt consumption can result in hardening of blood vessels. This is why salt consumption is linked with heart disease and premature death. Too much salt consumption is also linked with incidence of stomach cancer.

So as you see, there are bad shot-term and long-term outcomes that may result from consuming a diet rich in salt. It is best to limit your salt consumption to maintain good health.

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