A mid afternoon siesta is loved by one and all! The best time spent on the weekend is the time we spend napping after lunch on a Sunday! In fact, if you did not sleep too well during the night, you will probably want to take a nap in the afternoon even at work!!!

So what is the optimum length of a nap?

Experts say that the best naps are 20 minutes long. This is the perfect duration of time to wake you up refreshed. This is why these are called power naps. You can overcome the grogginess and feel refreshed after a power nap for 20 minutes.

Stretch it any longer and you will wake up feeling worse. If you nap for a long duration of time, you will feel worse and the effects of sleep deprivation will be felt more acutely when you wake up. Also, you will wake up still feeling sleepy!

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Lavanya Mehra


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