Do you know that you can analyze your health rate by inspecting your blood pressure? Researchers recently found that irregularities in blood pressure between the right and left arms might be a sign of vascular disease. Likewise, a difference in blood pressure when you’re lying down vs. standing up may indicate heart problems or blood vessel disease.

The only way to recognize if you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure tested. Understanding your blood pressure numbers is key to restraining high blood pressure.

The blood pressure evaluations can tell you and your consultant a lot about your simultaneous health and may even anticipate future issues. If you are concerned about PAD or if you have incidents of feeling giddy when you stand up, checking your blood pressure, both sitting and standing and in both arms, is a great way to learn more about what’s going on inside your arteries and thus predict the reason for any health issue that you are either facing in present or might face in future.

Normal readings of blood pressure need to show a top number (systolic pressure) that’s between 90 and less than 120 and a bottom number (diastolic pressure) that’s between 60 and less than 80. Blood pressure readings are expressed in millimeters of mercury. If there is any change in the readings above or below the normal, one can foresee the issue that you might or you are facing at the current moment.

So, blood pressure readings/count tell us a lot about our health and present livelihood.


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