Everyone has burnt their tongue on some occassion! Often we sip on a hot drink in a hurry and end up with a scarred tongue. Sometimes even very hot food can burn your tongue. The feeling lasts for a few days and makes it difficult to enjoy any food or drinks. But what to do when you scald your tongue?

Experts say, the first thing to do is to spit out whatever burnt your tongue. If it is hot enough to burn your tongue, it is hot enough to burn your throat, oesophagus and other internal organs of the digestive tract. So spit out the hot drink or food immediately.

Next thing to do is to keep ice cold water, milk or yogurt in your mouth for some time. When you hold these cold things in your mouth, the burnt tissue is gently numbed and the discomfirt reduces.

You can take a painkiller if the pain continues to bother you.

It is best to avoid too hot, spicy or acidic food for the next 3-4 days so that the burnt tissue is allowed to heal instead of being further aggravated.

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