“No matter how hard I try, I just cannot lose weight!”

How many times have you heard people say this? We all know someone who seems to be trying hard to lose weight…without success. Are you one of those people? Do you have a close friend or someone in the family who is losing the battle of bulge? If yes, you must read on to know why weight loss efforts fail for most people.

Obstacles in Weight Loss, & Their Solutions

1. Dieting or Exercise, what works for you? Most poeple try dieting or exercise to lose weight. But the truth is that it is not “either or”; a weight loss programme can only work if you combine exercise “and” dieting. One without the other is pretty useless for most people.

2. Unrealistic Targets. If you want to get slim fast so that you can get all the attention at your brother’s wedding – which is in 2 weeks…. sorry that won’t happen! If you need a quick fix, try to shop for the right kind of clothes which look flattering on you. You just CANNOT lose weight in 2 weeks. Setting unrealistic goals leads the way to disappointment. So set yourself some realistic goals that you can achieve without losing your sanity.

3. Short Term Memory Loss. People who are trying to lose weight always try to choose healthy food options and try to eat sensibly at their 3 daily meals. But the little in-betweens often go unnoticed. Even if you eat digestive biscuits with your tea, they still count towards your calories intake. Don’t ignore ANYTHING that goes into your mouth!

4. Lusting After a Size Zero. Different people have different body types and you may be one of those people who can never be a size zero. So? Try to accept and love yourself as you are. Your goal should not be to look hungry and starved like a size zero Bebo. Try to aim for a healthy and fit body like Bips. 

If you give serious thought to these ways of thinking, you will definitely find your weightloss programme showing more success. After all, it’s all in the mind!


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