Laws related to parenting are not very tough in India, they are not nearly as tough as they should be. In fact, nbody has ever heard of the state interfering with parenting anywhere in our country. This is perhaps one reason why we take parenting so casually. Compare this with the developed countries of the West. Most of these countries have strict laws and the state will often take custody of children who are subjected to neglectful parenting. The government in these countries will even persecute parents who are accused of being neglectful of their children.

What is your opinion on this matter of neglectful parenting. More specifically, do you think it is okay for a prent to leave a child alone in the house for 10 minutes and go out for an errand?

Experts say that it is not okay to leave your child alone even for 5 minutes till the age of 10. When they turn ten, you can start leaving them for short periods of time, after properly explaining to them where you are going and how long it will take for you to return. It is important that your child knows what to do if you are delayed. It is possible that you may meet with an accident, and are unable to return for a long period of time. Your child should be equipped with the knowledge of what to do and who to contact in such a scenario. 

If you are leaving your ten year old alone at home, she should have access to names and phone numbers of people to contact if you don’t return within the time specified. It is advisable to be friendly with your neighborurs so that they can help in case of emergencies.

Under no circumstances whould you leave your little kids home alone. Sometimes people leave sleeping toddlers in the house and go to run errands. This is very wrong. If the toddler wakes up and finds herself alone, she will spend a very stressful time waiting for you to return and will probably become mistrustful if this happens again and again.


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