Today we observe that everyone is constantly struggling to maintain or lose weight. We have been told over and over that healthy weight is the key to good health. Does this mean that slim people do not fall sick, do not struggle with diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension or Heart disease? Absolutely not! In our ambition to lose weight and look like models, we forget that there are other health indicators that tell us how healthy we really are!

Important Indicators of Good or Bad Health

1. Your skin is not only the largest organ of your body, it also shows how healthy you are. If you have a clear and glowing skin (no matter how light or dark), you are in good health. If you struggle with acne and other skin issues even in your 30s, your health is not that great.

2. Important indicators like blood sugar, blood pressure, cholestrol etc are very strong indicators of health. An overweight person will be considered healthier than a slim person if she has better scores on these indicators.

3. Your energy levels are also an important indication of your health. Being slim is of no use if you are forever tired and ‘hangry’!

4. If you enjoy restful sleep every night, you are enjoying good health. Remember, even the state of your mental health and stress levels are important.

5. How is your immunity? Do you fall sick every month, or does it happen only once or twice a year? The level of immunity you enjoy is an important health indicator.

6. Belly fat is considered the worst. So if you are overweight but have a flat belly, consider yourself almost healthy! On the other hand, if you are in healthy weight category but have a belly bulge, that is a thing to worry about.

7. Your lifestyle is also an indicator of your health. If you enjoy outdoor activities, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, you are living a healthy life. But if you remain cooped indoors all the time, your health is being compromised.

So you see, there are many other factors that can contribute to good or bad health, so don’t worry too much about your weight!


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