The traditional idea of a date is a yummy meal of some sort with a yummier guy. Bound to bring on the kilos, right? But you could change that. Chuck the traditional dinner-movie dates out of the window and try these date ideas that are bound to help you in the weight department.

Date Ideas That Help You In Losing Weight

1. Be Dance Buddies. Why don’t you register for a salsa class together? All the Spanish forms of dance are very aerobic and full of passion. here are not many steamier ways of being close to your date and losing weight at the same time. If a class isn’t possible, at least go dancing every now and then!

2. Go Shopping. It is amazing how many calories you can burn if you go shopping to a big mall which is far away from where you live. Get the public transport, leave the car behind, and start the calorie burning!

3. Explore Together. Even if you have been living in the same city for 10 years, there are bound to be scores of places that you have never heard about. Go and explore these places like a tourist. It is fun and very good for people who want to lose weight.

4. Go For a Relaxing Retreat. When in the lap of nature, make the most of it by getting active. Indulge in Yoga, running etc together and you’ll come back sparkling…not to mention a few kilos lighter!

The idea is to do things that you would enjoy doing as a couple, but choosing activities that make you active and keep you on your feet. Good luck!

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Lavanya Mehra


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