Many Indian household have one or more Coronavirus survivors, people who contracted the Virus but were able to beat it and come out safe. Experts warn that the battle is not over with that last Negative test. Coronavirus survivors are found to be at high risk of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. People who needed hospitalization for the Virus are especially susceptible to PTSD. 

This is because the Coronavirus sickness, especially the hospitalization is a very frightening and invasive exprience. There is huge media focus on the sickness since early this year and there is a social angle to contracting the illness. Feelings of having been isolated and left alone resurface amongst the patients. They may suffer flashbacks and nightmares, or they may avoid dealing with their feelings and thoughts. They may completely avoid thinking or talking about the experience. This may lead to moodiness and stress.

It is important to support and protect the survivors and watch out for stress, anxiety or depression. 

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Lavanya Mehra


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