The top health trends of 2011

With fitness and beauty almost becoming a buzzword nowadays, Memsaab brings to you the top trends of health that will reign in 2011. Read on for more..

1. All under one roof – It is quite common now to see gym instructors, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, fitness specialists being available at one place. In 2011 this trend will gain even more popularity and you will not have to look beyond your local gym for expert advice on how to keep yourself fit.

2. Fitness Certified Professionals – Everybody now takes fitness seriously. Nobody wants fitness related injuries and you would never pardon your gym instructor if she gave your wrong advice. It will not be uncommon in 2011 for gym patrons to insist on seeing the certification of their gym instructors. That the instructors would have to be trained from well renowned institutes and have to be fit goes without saying.

3. Fad Diets and Fad Fitness – This can never go out of style. Every year we see new fitness diets and new fitness ideas. The year 2011 would not be an exception and we are likely to see more of new fads. But be warned – Fads are fads and go out of style faster than they came.

4. Personal Training – Everybody wants things customised to their needs. Health is no exception to this. The demand for personal trainers is stripping the supply and in 2011 we will see this demand increasing. Celebrity personal trainers such as Satya who are able to provide fab bodies to their clients have fuelled the demand for personal trainers.

5. Weight Loss – This is one aspect of fitness that will never go out of fashion. The weight loss industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Books on weight loss are being launched dime a dozen. 2011 will see people craving for weight loss even more and as such the obesity epidemic that India sees itself in now will only increase the demand for weight loss professionals.

So friends gear up for 2011 and enjoy being healthy and fit!

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