As you try to gradually wean your baby away from breastmilk, the biggest challenge is to maintain a healthy weight gain. Often babies struggle on their weight gain trek as moms try to wean them away from breast milk. This is because we don’t always know how to wean babies in a healthy way.

Weaning Tips for New Moms

– Start with mashed bananas. Bananas are high in energy and packed with nutrients, and taste great!

– As your baby becomes acustomed to eating mashed bananas, bring in some variety. Offer her other mashed/pureed fruit and vegetables.

– Offer as much variety of fruit and vegetables as possible. Do not worry that she will not like the taste. Get her to explore…

– Throw in some carbs now. Offer her a Glucose biscuit. Make some light upma, daliya or mashed khichdi for your baby. Add a spoon of ghee to increase the taste and nutrition.

– If your family eats eggs, you can also include boiled eggs in this list now.

– Let your baby guide the weaning process. Let her pick what she likes.

– Exposing your baby to other food items does not mean that she needs lesser milk. She still depends on milk as her staple food. Remember her requirement for nutrition is growing with every day!


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