As we become more aware of the need to increase our protein consumption, we are faced with a challenge. This challenge is especially huge for vegetarian/vegan people. How to add protein and reduce carb content in our family’s diet? Here are few tips on how to increase your protein intake right in the morning, at your first meal of the day.

Tips for Increasing Protein Intake at Breakfast

  • The easiest way to include protein in your breakfast is to eat eggs. 2 eggs at breakfast is a great way of adding protein to your diet. But of course this is not possible for people who do not eat eggs!
  • Make Besan Chilla your go-to breakfast item! Chilla’s can be made fun with addition of green chillies, coriander, onions, tomatoes etc. Try different variations and different kids of chutneys to make your chillas more enjoyable. A Moong dal chilla is even more protein for you!
  • Sprouts can be a great ally for anyone trying to become fitter and healthier. Sprouts can be incorporated into your breakfast in various ways like sprouts chaat or sprouts bhel etc.
  • Another great breakfast item is Dalia, which is rich in protein and fiber. Add vegetables to make it a complete package of nutrients.
  • You can enjoy Bhurji, even if you don’t eat eggs. Just make it with paneer or tofu or a mix of both! This will still be a high protein food and can be coupled with dalia, roti or toast for fiber.
  • If you crave parathas, replace the potato filling with a paneer or tofu filling. They will still be yummy but will provide you a kick of protein too!
  • Masala oats made with fresh or frozen edamame beans is another high protein breakfast idea!

In fact, any breakfast item can be turned into a high protein version just by making a few adjustments!

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