Indian’s favorite festival, Navratri, is here!

This is one of a kind festival that is loved more than any other. It arrives twice a year, lasts for over a week, and the festivity is just amazing! Even more amazing is the Navratri food. On one hand, people are fasting and not eating any cereals, on the other hand the Navratri food is so amazingly delicious that most people end up putting more weight by the time they are done fasting!

So today we bring you a few tips on how to enjoy Navratri, stay healthy and avoid putting on weight during the fast.

– To stay healthy, you need to keep your body fed. So the first rule is to avoid extreme fasting like not eating anything all day or not drinking water etc.

– It is important to keep yourself well hydrated, so sip on water all day long. Avoid sugary drinks like packaged juice and sodas. If you want something other than water, squeeze fresh juice at home or enjoy a glass of cool lassi/chach. You could also have some jal-jeera if you miss your chaat!

– For food, it is best to restrict yourself to only  full meal a day. The full meal could be Navratri special roti or puri or rice with fresh curds and potato sabzi. Avoid eating a big thali that has all these items on it if you are trying to lose weight.

– For other mini-meals, choose simple items like cucumber or radish salad or fresh fruit or mixed nuts. All these items will provide energy without being too heavy on calories. Avoid preparing fried snacks like sabudana vada etc.

– If you feel hungry, you can enjoy a curd based snack like aloo ka raita or drink a glass of milk.

The main idea is to watch your intake and not over-indulge. You will find many snacks selling in the stores like Navratri special chips or namkeen or mithai etc. All these will make you fat, so do not give in.

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