It is very difficult to take care of health and nutrition of your family these days. Everyone seems to want to eat pizza, pasta and noodles all the time. These favorite foods are carb heavy and nutrient low, so how to make sure your family eats healthy nutritious food?

You can make food healthy by sneaking vegetables (and sometimes dal) into the foods your children eat.

For example, if your children love pizza, give it a dash of green by adding spinach to their Margherita!

If your kids enjoy pasta, add boiled chickpeas to their favorite red sauce pasta. You can make the sauce healthier by adding pureed lauki and peas!

If dal rice is the staple food everyone eats at your home, add some greens to the dal and make it more nutritious.

If your children love noodles, serve their noodles with a fried egg on top!

If your kids love ice-cream, serve them a dessert of fresh fruit and a scoop of ice cream.

All it takes is a little imagination – add in healthy food items to things your family loves to eat.

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