We all know that excessive intake of salt (Sodium) is linked with hypertension. It is also known as a leading cause for kidney damage. This is why you read a lot many articles stressing the need to curb salt intake. But our Indian diet is such that we end up consuming more salt than we should. So today we bring you tips on reducing salt intake while still enjoying your food.

Tips to Reduce Your Salt Consumption

1. Don’t keep too many jars of pickles and chutneys at home. These yummy pickles are loaded in salt, so we should reduce our consumption to a minimum.

2. You can enjoy your salad without dressing it in salt, it is very easy to get used to it. So give this a try.

3. Avoid cooking out of packets eg packaged quick-cook noodles or soup packets. The tastemakers are very high on salt in these packets.

4. Reduce your consumption of packaged snacks like chips. Anything that comes out of a packet is a Sodium disaster.

5. Cook everything from scratch, even your snacks. Encourage your kids to enjoy healthy evening snacks like fruit, ildi or upma. 

6. Use rock salt or low sodium salt instead of regular one.

7. Switch to unsalted butter.

8. Include spices and alternate flavours like pepper or oregano to improve taste of food while reducing salt.

In addition to all these things, try to reduce the salt content in food you cook and eat daily. You might feel tempted to add more salt when you eat. But this temptation will only last for a few days. If you are able to resist this temptation, you will get used to eating low salt food within  7-10 days. So give it a try..

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