As kids we all loved sugary food items like candies and gulab jamuns. Most people outgrow candy addiction with age but the love for gulab jamuns never really goes away. But it i s a fact that processed sugar is not good for the body. So everyone should try to limit their consumption of processed sugar. Today we bring you tips on how to reduce the sugar intake from your family’s diet.

Tips to Reduce Sugar Consumption

– Bring in natural alternatives and gradually replace sugar with the alternative sweeteners like Jaggery (gur), Honey and Maple Syrup.

– Gradually cut down the added sugar in your hot beverages like tea, coffee and milk.

– Encourage your kids to consume less sugar right from young age. Do not wait till they grow up and it becomes harder to quit sugar!

– Keep plenty of fresh fruit around to munch on. Your family will gradually develop a habit of reaching out for an apple when they crave something sweet!

– Use fruit to sweeten your yogurt, shakes and even oatmeal.

– Do not replace sugar with alternatives like SugarFree.

– Educate your children about the harmful effects of eating too much sugar, show them videos about it.

Lastly, avoid keeping sugary baked goodies in your house. These are addictive and kids learn to form an unhealthy relationship with food when they are upset, at a very early age. To prevent that, avoid bringing these godies into your house!

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Lavanya Mehra


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