Did you wake up with a swollen face today?

Do you often have swollen ankles and feet?

Did you gain weight repidly in the last few weeks?

All these are symptoms of water retention. Often the body tries to hold on to its water content, leading to swelling and weight gain. Usually this happens when you are not drinking enough water. But sometimes, this may also be  symptom of an underlying medical condition.

How to Get Rid of Water Retention

– Exercise regularly. When you exercise, your body sweats and loses some water. You also shift water into the muscle tissues, this gives you a leaner look.

– Get adequate sleep and reduce stress. Both these things are important for optimal functioning of the body.

– Take electrolytes to balance the water content in your body.

– Reduce your salt intake to prevent water retention.

– Drink more water becuse the body tends to retain water if it is not supplied enough water reguarly.

With these tips, you will be able to reduce water retention and achieve a leaner look.

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