Our grandparents were much healthier than we are today. They were accustomed to working hard physically, and they ate healthy nutritious meals. Today we eat a lot of junk and spend our time lazily sitting around chairs and couches. No wonder we are not as tough or healthy as our grandparents. 

Eating healthy wholesome food is an integral part of being healthy and fit. This is why most experts say that we should eat the food our grandparents ate everyday. This brings us to the humble dal-chawal. Most Indian families ate dal-chawal as a staple for many generations before ours. We are the pizza munching, cola guzzling generation that needs lessons on how to eat!

So if you wish that you and your family should get back to basic healthy meals like dal-chawal, here are a few tips on how to make it healthy.

Healthy Dal-Chawal

1. Dal-Chawal combination is already a very healthy meal. Dal and Chawal provide enough protein for the body and together they provode you all the amino acids needed by the body.

2. To improve this meal, you can bring in some variety. So instead of eating same toor/arhar dal every day, try to eat a different one every day. We have at least 8-10 types of dal available in the market. You can also add beans like Rajmah, Lobhiya and Chana to this list. 

3. Substituting your white rice with healthy brown rice instantly makes it healthier!

4. Add a little ghee to your dal-chawal. This addition of healthy fat allows better absorption of protein and other things like Hing or turmeric etc.

5. Always add a pinch of Hing to your dal. This helps in good digestion of the meal.

6. When serving out a portion, always add more dal or beans and less rice. This helps in keeping carb intake in control and improving the Glycemic Index of your meal.

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