Mornings are always very difficult for a working mom. There are so many activities and tasks that need to be done! From getting kids ready for school, to preparing breakfast and packed lunchboxes for everyone to getting ready for work yourself – it seems to be a never ending run! It is even worse if you have not had a good night’s sleep. This is why we bring you some tips that will help you make your chaotic mornings easier.

Tips to Make Mornings Less Chaotic

1. Prepare clothes for everyone the night before. Clothes and uniforms should be ironed and laid out the night before.

2. Prep your food the night before. This can make mornings much easier. You could even cook some of the items for breakfast or lunch the night before. Keeping fried onions, onion masala etc handy is also very useful.

3. Avoid tea or coffee in evenings. This will help you sleep better, and make mornings easier.

4. Make early nights a rule in your home. Your kids also need to get a good 8 hour sleep every night. So make it a rule that everyone goes to bed early and wakes up early and fresh.

5. Yummy parathas or spicy poha should be saved for weekends. Weekday breakfast should be a simple affair – cereal/milk, oatmeal, toast etc.

6. Lastly, encourage everyone to chip in. If your spouse and children help you with chores, mornings can be breezy!

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