If you feel like you have been putting on weight even though you are eating lesser, you probably suffer from water retention. As we all know our bodies are largely made up of water. But often it so happens that our bodies start storing more water than required. It shows up in a puffy face, swollen ankles and rising numbers on the scale! So today we bring you some tips on how to get rid of excess water weight.

– Reduce salt consumption. Salt is the real reason why your body retains water, so reducing salt in your diet will get you the results you want.

– Add more Magnesium and Potassium to your diet. These minerals help in dealing with puffiness caused by hormonal changes.

– Drink more water. Your body retains water when it gets less of it. So drink more and your body will start flushing it out.

– Be more active. Being active is the mantra for all your problems! 

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Lavanya Mehra


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