We all want to go to heaven but there’s nobody out there who wants to die. What an irony!

So if you don’t want to die, and prefer to remain healthy and youthful while you live, here are a few things you should do.

Tips for Long and Healthy Life

1. Stick to your ideal weight. Overweight people are so much more prone to disease, ageing and death!

2. Quit smoking. There’s no point in trying to reduce it, you have to STOP.

3. Reduce your alcohol intake. Women, especially should not drink much as their bodies are unable to process the alcohol very well. Drinking leads to myriad health issues, ageing and hence death!

4. Get active! Make sure to get at least 5 hours of physical activity every week. You will even feel young!

5. Get adequate nutrition. If you spend your life dieting, you can’t expect to live very long. Get healthy and wholesome food into your daily diet.

6. Keep you mind sharp. Mind games, puzzles, crossword are all very good at keeping your mind alert.

7. Have a social circle. Loners don’t live very long.

8. Meditate. Deep breathing and meditation is a great stress buster, and stress is the prime enemy when it comes to ageing and reduced lifespan.

9. Get plenty of antioxidants. Green tea or chocolate, whatever works for you!

10. Try to feel young. If you think of yourself as old, you will age soon enough!

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Lavanya Mehra


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