Does your child give you a hard time at meals? Are you always looking up recipes that might entice your fussy toddler? Does you child seem to like NOTHING?

Here are a few tips on how to inculcate healthy eating habits in your children. These tips are very important because the eating habits that your children grow up with shall stay with them throughout their life!

1. Family that eats together, stays together! Meals should be all about family. Discourage eating alone. The family should always eat together when at home.

2. Variety in food: Children get bored very easily. So dal rice everyday is not the way to go. Try to not repeat a dish in the same week. Offer a variety of diferent dishes throughout the week.

3. Preference is important. If you child loves pasta, make pasta the main dish some times. Try to make dishes they enjoy eating.

4. Turn off distraction. TV and other screens should be turned off at meal times, no exceptions allowed!

5. Table manners are also important. Start teaching your children at a very young age.


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