The Indian Dietitic Association has recently revealed that 84% of  Indian vegetarians are eating a diet deficient in protein. Even the non vegetarians in India are not doing much better. 65% of the meat eating Indians are also protein deficient. This gives us a scary statistic – 93% Indians are unaware of their body’s protein requirement and hence suffer poor muscle health. It can also be linked with lifestyle diseases like obesity due to high carb-fat focussed diet.

This recent revelation has made everyone sit up and review their diets. If you are a vegetarian, you probably feel concerned too. Improving the protein omponent of your diet does not necessarily mean turning non vegetarian. It just means being more informed about your food choices!

Here are a few vegetarian sources of protein that should be a part of your daily diet.

– Soybean products incuding soy milk, tofu and the Edemame bean itself.

– All beans like rajmah, lobhiya etc, all dals, chana etc are good sources of protein.

– Ancient grains like barley, teff, sorghum etc are better than wheat in the protein component.

– Wild rice has more protein than your regular basmati.

– Vegetables like green peas, broccoli and spinach are also good sources of protein.

– Pseudo-cereals like Amaranth and Quinoa are also high in protein content.

– Sprouted grains and legumes are high in protein. So enjoy sprots salad or bread made from sprouts.

– Oats are also rich in protein so enjoy oatmeal at least a few times every week.

– Nuts and seeds are good sources of protein. So enjoy a handful daily.

With so many sources of vegetarian protein available, there is a lot of choice for you. Make sure you have a few of these every day.

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