Most people are obsessed with losing weight these days. But if you care about health and fitness, your should aim to lose fat. Losing your muscle mass will quickly drop the pounds, but is that really what you seek? On the other hand, losing fat may not translate into quick weight loss! This is because muscle is heavier than fat. But which do you relly want to lose?

Attack the extra fat on your body with these tips:

1. Stop obsessing about weight. Focus on health and fitness. This means you shun the obsession with scales and numbers.

2. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Try to eat with a calorie deficit. Eat less than you burn.

3. Alternate between aerobic and strength training. Get at least 3 strength training workouts in a week.

4. Eat good quality lean protein. Eggs whites and lean meat should be a part of daily diet.

5. Get 8 hours of quality sleep every day.

6. Say no to stress. Find out the stressbusters that work for you and use them every time you get stressed.

7. Avoid sugar.

8. Include healthy fats like Avocado, egg yolk and nuts into your diet.

It will be easy to kick off the fat with these tips!

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