So winters are almost here, it gets chilly in mornings and evenings, and we crave calories! Winters are notorious for heavy calorie laden food items. From laddos to pakoras to parathas with butter to gajar halwa and moong dal halwa – winter is synonymous with calories. We almost expect to put on a few kilos every winter, and many people do! But those extra kilos are very hard to get rid of, as we find out in the summer. So it is best to keep your senses abut you and eat sensibly during the lean months. Here’s how –

Tips to Eat Healthy During the Winters

1. Everyone craves calorie laden desserts like halwa and gulam jamun during the winters as these provide warmth and energy that the body needs. If you tell yourself that you will not eat your favorite sweets during the season, you will probably not be able to keep this promise. Try making a pact with yourself that you will eat your favorite desserts only once a week. Fix a day, and stick with the pact.

2. Winters come with all sorts of infections. You need a dose of immunity boosting Vitamins during this season and citrus fruit are perfect for protecting you against the sickness. Stock up on oranges, limes etc and make sure everyone in your family consumes at least one every day.

3. Go for eggs for breakfast. Your body needs more energy during the winters and breakfast should be heavier than other meals. So go for eggs and cheese in your favorite way.

4. Plan hot meals which are low in calories for dinner. Instead of parathas or dal chawal, opt for healthier options. Soups and stews are a great choice in winter as they fill you up, keep you warm, are full of nutrition, and are low on calories. What else could you want?

5. Keep roasted chana, jaggery and assorted nuts handy for mid meal snacks. Make sure you do not consume more  than a fist-full of nuts in one day.

6. Portion control becomes even more important (and difficult) during the winters. The foods we enjoy in winters are high in calories so we need to exercise portion control while eating them. Instead of denying yourself the foods you enjoy, try portion control and you will see better results.

These tips will surely help you in keeping fit during winters, more so if you also follow a regular exercise routine.

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