Covid-19 is the virus that brought the world to a stop in 2020. It is a sickness that affects your body and mind. Not only are you sick and worried about your own health, you also have to deal with the anxiety that comes along with being covid positive. 

Many Covid patients have revealed that suffering from the disease was not just physical discomfort. It was not just worrying about their own health and life. They also had to deal with the stigma that came along with being covid positive. As soon as people find out that a friend, neighbor or co-worker has tested covid positive, they abandon all relations with this individual and their family. People look down upon them as if they committed a crime. Even after the sick individual gets well and is not positive anymore, poeple still avoid them and it takes a long time for the stigma to wear off. While you are sick, nobody dares to come near you and you are left alone to battle the sickness yourself.

If you are in a similar situation and feel depressed or anxious, you can find support in online counselling sessions. Nesco center in Goegaon and Prafulta are providing online counselling sessions for people in times of covid. 

Your friends may not be able to support you in person, but they are still available on the phone or video. Keep yourself cheerful and seek out the support of friend in these trying and testing times.

Music is a big healer. Use music as the friend that will support you in every moment of life!

Finally, draw out the inner strength in you. This is a battle you have to fight and win yourself. Arm yourslf with this knowledge even if you do not have covid. People will take some time in getting over their fear when they find out you are positive. This is a natural reaction based on self preservation, do not let this bring you down!


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Lavanya Mehra


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