Mira married Ravi and moved in with him after a short romance. She knew it wouldn’t be easy to get his two children to like her. Roshita and Sasha were 4 and 7. They lived with their father and would be a big part of Mira’s life now onwards. But she couldn’t get them to acknowledge her, liking her was way far off!

If you are marrying a man who has kids, naturally you would be a little sckeptical about how to manage your relationship with those children. You wouldn’t want to disrupt their lives, yet it would feel like encroaching upon someone else’s property anyway. But if you keep trying to build new relationships, you will eventually succeed.

Tips To Be A step-Parent That’s Liked (and possibly loved)

– Start building a relationship before you tie the knot. Meet the children a few times, spend time with them, take them shopping or to McDonalds. Show them that you are happy to have them as a big part of your future life.

– Give your step children time and space. Don’t intrude too much into their privacy.

– The first goal is to become a friend. You can’t turn mom overnight. After you have earned their trust and are friends with them, you can try to be a mom.

– Try to have a positive relationship with your partner’s ex. This relationship will affect your equation with the kids.

– If you love the kids unconditionally, they will see it eventually. So if you face mistrust and hatred initially, don’t give up. Persist in loving them anyway!

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