It is the job of every parent to raise their children in such a way that they grow up to be responsible, independent and respectful adults. If you have a son, you have to teach them not just independence but also respect for the other gender. The values you give to your children today will have a huge impact on how they live their lives as adults. The things you say or don’t say to your children can affect their thinking and psychology. So today we bring you a list of things you should not say to your little boys.

Things to Not Say to Your Little Boy

1. “Boys don’t cry.” This is one sentence people used to say to their boys all the time. But now it is understood that we should not teach our boys to bury their feelings and emotions just because of their gender.

2. “You are doing it like a girl!” Please refrain from generalizing behaviours as belonging to any one gender. This is what makes boys turn into chauvinistic pigs!

3. “You have to grow up and take responsibility of the family because you are a boy.” This is too muh pressure for a little boy. It also makes men think girls are no good and they are the ones who really run the world!

4. “Boys don’t do this..” Whether it is wearing pink, wanting too cook, or disliking sports, your boy should be allowed to make his own choices. You cannot tell him what he should like or dislike.

5. “You can do whatever you like since you are a boy.” We keep telling girls to not to go out alone in the night or to dress in a certain way etc. But what do we tell our boys? Do whatever you want!!!

If we start raising our boys in the right way, they will grow up to be fine men who respect women and are loved for their qualities.


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Lavanya Mehra


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