Parents of young girls start worrying about their marriage as soon as the girls reach the age of 18 years. There is a lot of pressure from relatives, friends and neighbors. Everyone keeps questioning young girls and their parents if there is any ‘good news’ about marriage! There has been some change in this situation in big cities. Many young women take up jobs and careers soon after getting out of college. As they focus on their professional life, their personal life gets ignored and marriage gets delayed for a few years. This is when the society begins to talk!

Amongt all this drama, we often wonder what is the right age for a woman to get married? Is it 18? 

It is legal to get married at 18, but this is not the right age to get married. There are 3 points to consider when deciding about getting married.

– Are you old enough to take a sensible decision and make the right choice?

– Are you old enough to take on the responsibility of marriage and family?

– Are you settled in your job/career?

– Are you getting too old and loing the war on infertility?

Based on these 4 factors, it seems that the right age group to get married is between 26 and 30. Women are sensible and mature enough to take right decisions in this age group. This age also gives them time to settle in their careers. It also gives them a few fertile years to bear children after marriage. So if you have a daughter, this is the age you should be targetting for them to get married!

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