“Fluids are good for your body. Fluids help in attaining weight loss.”

Or so they say!

Expert “drunks” argue, “Alcohol is a fluid, will it help in weight loss?” That is one logical argument, but it does not hold much merit. Research says that consumption of alcohol interferes with metabolism and weight loss. Wanna know why?

Alcohol Puts “Fat” On The Backburner.

The Number 1 reason why “alcohol is not good for weight watchers” lies in the way your body fuels its activities. The human body derives energy from many different sources. In fact, it will use up whatever source of energy you will feed it.

When you consume alcohol, it gets special privileges and the metabolism of fats and carbs is slowed down. Alcohol needs no digestion and is quickly taken from the intestines to the liver. In fact, the liver concentrates on converting alcohol into acetate and the other stuff you consume is simply converted into fat. No prizes for guessing what happens to the fat! Yes, it gets stored in the body in the form of those tires around your waist or that bulge on your tummy.

Research also shows that the acetate (alcohol is converted into acetate in the liver) is preferred by the body as a fuel as compared to fat. So fat-burning stops and that’s the end of healthy metabolism!

Alcohol Is Converted Into Fat

Contrary to what many people believe, only a small portion of the alcohol gets converted into fat. But nevertheless, this fat gets stored in your body.

Mixed Drinks Are Dangerous

Usually women go in for mixed drinks as they camouflage the bitter taste of alcohol. The mixed drinks seem to be a great mix of taste and enjoyment. But the bitter truth is that they are even worse than “plain alcohol” where weight loss is concerned. Alcohol toned down with water does not add any excess calories. But if you use canned fruit juice to improve the taste of your shot, you are adding on at lest 200 calories to your drink. Is it really worth it?

Alcohol Increases Appetite

In a research in Denmark’s Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, it was found that men ate more when the dinner was served with a beer or a wine. In comparison, the men who were served dinner along with water or a soft drink, ate lesser relatively.

Alcohol And Its Friends

Every time you think of downing a beer or a hard drink, you think of some spicy eatables too. Most people enjoy their drink along with peanuts, fried snacks, potato chips etc. all these friends of alcohol are also very fattening and you really don’t need them.

If you enjoy drinking, all you need to do is exercise moderation. Experts say that one drink a day is not very harmful. In fact, a drink a day can guard you against certain types of cancer and heart disease. But any more than that, and you will find yourself exposed to health risks. Apart from interfering with weight-control, excessive consumption of alcohol also puts one at risk of coronary heart disease, high Blood Pressure, diabetes etc. So as far as possible, avoid drinking if you are watching your weight. Even otherwise, stick to the bare minimum.

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