Vitamin D deficiency was not a major health risk in India till a decade ago. We have enough hot and sunny days every year to give us all a good dose of Vitamin D every day, right? Wrong! It was true till a decade ago when people did go out and do different things in the sun. Even if you did not go out, you would have the sun peep into your homes with Vitamin D for you and your family. But now, we keep our windows and doors covered, so that the sun cannot disturb us. We just like sit indoors and relax in air conditioned rooms. We have become lazy and a bit too used to the comforts of ACs. So now we hear of Vitamin D deficiency more often even in our hot and sunny country!

Do you suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency?

Here are a few symptoms that will tell you.

– You are depressed. The levels  of Serotonin, a hormone linked with mood elevation, change with sun exposure or the lack of it. When you feel blue regularly, research suggests that it could be linked with a Vitamin D deficiency.

– You have bones that ache. When bone pain is combined with fatigue, you should hear the warning bells of this deficiency.

– If your head sweats a lot, it is another indication of a deficiency of Vitamin D.

– Gluten sensitivity and irritable bowel syndrome are also linked with deficiency of Vitamin D.

If you are obese, 50 years or older, or have dark skin, you are at an increased risk for Vitamin D deficiency and you should look out for the warning signs. If you are concerned you may suffer from this deficiency, you just need to go out and catch some sunshine, or pop some supplements!

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