In 2 separate studies conducted by AIIMS Delhi and National Centre for Disease Control, it was found that the Delta variant of COVID 19 can strike people who have been vaccinated with Covishield or Covaxin. It has already been reported that the Delta variant (first reported in India) is 40 to 50 % more infectious than the Alpha variant (first seen in UK).

The studies reveal that Aplha variant is also resistant to vaccines but not as much as the Delta variant. The Delta variant has an infection rate of around 70% in people who have already been vaccinated. The severity of infections seems to be unaffected. It seems that quick vaccination of the population may be the only way to fight COVID.

But these studies also suggest that the rapid decline in new COVID cases should not befool anyone. If we let our guard down there will be a third wave and it may be worse than the second. So even if you have had both doses of the vaccine, keep following the health and safety protocol set by the government. Practice social distancing, do not mingle with people, follow all safety precautions and stay on guard to protect your family.

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