A people all over the world are talking about health and immunity, the most talked about Vitamin is Vitamin D. Surprisingly, this Vitamin is being discussed and promoted even more than the conventionally popular Vitamin C. Even President Trump was administered Vitamin D while he battled COVID!

What makes Vitamin D so popular and beneficial?

The most important benefit RIGHT NOW is that Vitamin D is known to help in boosting immunity against diseases. Studies also show that Vitamin D deficiency can be linked with Depresion, Weight Gain, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer. Higher levels of Vitamin D, on the other hand, are linked with better health and fewer incidence of these diseases. Vitamin D is absolutely essential for bone health in adults and proper growth and development in children. This is because Calcium cannot be absorbed by the body in the absence of thi Vitamin.

So make Vitamin D a part of your family’s daily routine. You should take supplements and expose yourselves to more sunlight so that your body can make some itself!

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