Of course you know how important it is to spend quality time with your children. But the problem is when?

If you are working, most of your time goes into balancing work with household responsibilities. In this, your children might be missing you the most.

Here are a few ways to squeeze out some time for your kid from your busy schedule.

Watch their favourite programme!

When you get free time at home, either you are watching your favourite programme or your kids are hooked on to their favourite channel! One day, try watching TV with your little kids. They will love it! Another thing that you can do is play their games with them! Little kids live in their own make believe world. Try understanding their stories and being a part of their games!

Share your household work

If you think your kids can only spoil your work, think again! They can be really useful to you in sharing your household chores. Involve them in simple things like dusting, cleaning, etc. Play some music or make it appear like a game. This will help you spend time with them when while you are completing your daily chores. You can also take their help in the kitchen. As long as you are not working with delicate kitchenware, it should not be a problem!

Have a meal together

Make it a point to have at least one meal with your kids! This is the best time to talk to them. Ask them about their day, school life, friends and listen to them attentively. Only when you listen to them, will they care to listen to what you preach them.

Drop them to school

On days when you are in less hurry to rush to office, drop your kids to school. This will give you some time to spend with them on your way to school.

Read to them

Whenever you get time, read to them some nice books. It helps them to grow and expands their imagination. It also gives you some quality time with them!

When your kids are very young, they need you all the time; when they grow a bit older, they might not express it, but they still need you.

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