As winter approaches, our food choices begin to change. No more do we rush to the fridge for thirst quenchers, but we now look for something warm and satiating. The one dish that everyone loves during winters is Soup. Soups are not only warm, comforting and filling, they are also great for your health!

Soups are great for weight loss. Experts have agreed for decades that soups have an inverse relation with obesity. If you consume soup everyday, you are unlikely to be obese. This is because soups fill you up with nutrients and fibre without piling on too many calories or carbs.

Soups are very versatile. You can make a soup out of anything in your fridge. Use any vegetables, chicken, noodle etc to make your soup. You can even add dal and fresh herbs to make your soup more nutritious and flavourful.

Soups boost immunity by packing in the goodness of fresh ingredients. 

If you would like to lose some weight with soups, try not to think of a cup of soup as your meal starter. Try to think of a bowl of soup as your meal. If you substitute your dinner with a big bowl of soup every night, you will find yourself losing the kilos and inches very quickly!

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Lavanya Mehra


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