While the central and state governments kept slinging mud at each other, we saw people die due to lack of Oxygen in Delhi. The nation was shocked and appalled and scared at the same time when we witnessed one such story after another. Has the problem been solved now? No, but it soon will be.

Sonu Sood has now taken it upon himself to set up Oxygen plants in 16-18 states over the country. When governments fail, it is upon citizens to take up responsibility and this is what Sonu has decided to do! Sonu Sood has often talked about how he also felt helpless during the second wave of COVID because he was not able to help all the people that turned to him with hope. To prevent this from happening again, Sonu has already purchased Oxygen plants from abroad and these are in the process of being set up. 2 such plants have already been set up and others are on the way. Sonu Sood is hoping to provide help and relief to interior and rural areas where healthcare is even harder to reach! Once again, kudos to you Sonu! We are so proud of you.

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