High Cholestrol is fast becoming very common in our country. Heart disease is one of the top killers in India and high Cholestrol is just one indicator of poor heart health. As we enter our 40s, it is time to start taking better care of health and diet. Keeping Cholestrol under control is one way to keep your heart healthy.

Simple Diet Changes to Lower Cholestrol

1. Switch to oats for breakfast. Oats are full of soluble fibre, which soaks up the fatty cholestrol and makes your heart healthy. If you eat parathas or even cereal for breakfast, you can improve heart health just by switching to oats!

2. Snack on nuts. There are those 2-3 times in the day when we reach out for a biscuit or namkeen to satisfy craving for food. These snack times are very dangerous as most snacks are unhealthy. But if you keep a handful of nuts handy, your snacks can be heart friendly! Nuts are full of HDL – good Cholestrol and help in lowering LDL – bad Cholestrol.

3. Switch to skimmed milk. We are all used to full fat milk as kids. But as we grow  older, we need to reduce our fat consumption through milk. Switch to Toned, then Double Toned, and finally Skimmed milk to cut out dietary fat.

4. Consume more legumes. Lentils and legumes are full of soluble fibre and are great for heart health. What’s more, they are also high in protein. So you can substitute lentils for red meat.

5. If you have a sweet tooth, try to reduce ice cream and other sweets consumption. Choose heathier items like berries and fruit to satisfy the sweet cravings!

With these simple and effective changes to your diet, you can control your Cholestrol levels and keep your heart healthy.

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