People often ignore warning signals that their bodies give them, till it is too late. Whenever there is something wrong going inside of you, your body will give you some signs or symptoms. Bt most of us choose to turn a blind eye and do nothing. Usually these signs or symptoms go away just as we’d like them to, but often they lead to something else, something much worse.

Here are a few health issues that may be a sign of something bigger and more serious.

1. Swelling in your legs is Edema and may be caused due to heart, kidney or thyroid problems.

2. Bleeding or spotting between period could be a sign of a serious reproductive health issue, especially is you are not in menopausal age.

3. Craving ice is not just because it’s hot. It could mean that you have an iron deficiency. Eating non food items like hair or dirt etc is also a symptom of Pica.

4. Wrinkles on arms or legs could be a sign of hypertension.

5. Changes in size, colour or appearance of moles could be a sign of cancer.

6. Shortness of breath or coughing up blood can be a sign of lung problems.

7. Bad breath is not just annoying, it can be a sign of gum disease.

8. Dark urine can be a sign of failing kidneys while painful urination can be a sign of bladder problems.


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