Today is World Heart Day and it is an important day for us to think about our heart health. Heart disease is one of the biggest killer diseases in our country. Our sedentary lifestyles, heavy diet, polluted environment and stressful lives combine to put our poor hearts in the harm’s way. Slowly our hearts give way to disease and sickness. Would you recognize heart failure if you witnessed one – your own or that of a co-worker or friend?

Here are a few signs of heart failure that everyone must know. If you witness these signs in yourself or in anyone else around you, rush to a hospital because these are signs of a medical emergency!

Signs of Heart Failure

– Palpitation or increased heart rate is a common sign. The heart beats faster to compensate for its loss of functional capacity to pump blood.

– Light-headedness is another classic sign, which when combined with palpitations can be quite scary. Since the failing heart cannot pump blood to all parts of body effectively, the brain gets lesser blood (and oxygen). This is why the patient feels light headed.

– Loss of balance, coordination and trouble in walking are also signs of a failing heart.

– Chest pain that travels to arms and face. Pain in jaw, shoulder, chest and arms are all linked with heart attack. When combined with other symptoms, these cll for medical attention.

– Sleep Apnea is also linked with heart failure. If you snore too loudly, gasping for breath in your sleep, this means that you momentarily stop breathing while sleeping. This can be quite dangerous and is linked with heart attacks.

The good news is that with due care and dilligence, you can start improving your heart health even today!

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