Calcium is a must needed component for our body’s upliftment. No matter how busy we are, the proper need of nutritious food is very important to keep us strong and active and full of energy. Calcium is a very important component that helps our body to function properly in a symmetrical way. The inclination towards lasting body and stronger bones lays in the amount of calcium our body intakes in regular intervals.

Have you ever thought of a scenario of calcium deficiency? There are major symptoms that show us that we are having a calcium deficiency in our body. Here below are the few signs that you can notice if you are having a calcium deficiency in your body.

  • Confusion or memory loss: Many may find this not true but if you are regularly forgetting things and have constant issues of memory loss, then you are having a deficiency in the calcium amount in your body.
  • Depression: Depression is a bad friend of any human individual. Lack of calcium and make your mind and body go to depression. The happiness recovery can be stabilized with proper intake of calcium regularly.
  • Hallucinations:  Are you seeing something that is probably not true. Daydreaming is also a sign that you are having a calcium deficiency in your body. Hallucinations can turn to severe brain damage. So, start taking a proper amount of calcium daily to avoid any such circumstances.
  • Numbness and tingling in the hands, feet, and face: If you not feeling any tingling and have no reaction to external touches then probably you are having a calcium deficiency. Without the proper amount of calcium, our body muscles tend to mutilate and slow down our nervous system.
  • Easy fracturing of the bones: If small frictions in your body cause you fracturing of your bones then this is for sure that the calcium amount that should be maintained in your body is degrading and is not proper. Calcium is a big contributor in making our bones and teeth strong.

Well, above are few of the signs to locate if you are lacking the proper amount of calcium in your body or not.

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