It is always a matter of concern when you plan to pull out your kid’s wobbly teeth. A loose tooth can cause your child pain and distress. You may have the impulse to pull it out, but there are a few reasons why that might not be the best idea.

Below are certain reasons why you should take excessive precautions before pulling out your child’s teeth.

>Be cautious of which teeth is loose first. The first teeth that come in are generally the first teeth to come out. A loose tooth could be caused by damage to that tooth — for instance, from a nasty fall. If you have concern that a tooth is loose due to something other than natural causes, contact your dentist for an examination rather than pulling them out from your end.

>Primary teeth help guide in adult teeth. If a tooth is pulled precipitately, this can shake the placement of one’s adult tooth.

>Be aware of your child’s uneasiness. If the tooth isn’t ready to come out yet, it will most likely still be connected to nerves, causing pain. Another sign the tooth isn’t ready to come out yet is if there is a lot of blood when it’s pulled.

So, before you plan to pull out your child’s wobbly teeth, consider the above pointers.


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