In a recent study by researchers from 2 universities in New York, it was found that drinking a glass of juice everday increases risk of mortality by a whopping 25%!

Can you believe that? We have grown up believing that a glass of juice is a healthier alternative to colas and other soft drinks. But if this study is to be trusted, it is actually worse! Are you wondering how this is even possible? Researchers have stated that the high level of fructose in juice plays havoc with our blodd sugar levels, causes insulin resistance and even disturbs the hormonal balance in body. It causes our body to start storing fat around the abdomen.

We started saying no to soft drinks like Cola a few years back. If we now ban these juices, what will our children drink?

Encourage your family to switch to home made drinks like Aam panna, fresh lemonade, iced tea, mango shake, Brahmi shake etc. The simple rule of thumb is, did your drink come out of a bottle or a box? If yes, it is not good for you or your family!

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Lavanya Mehra


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