Most nutritionists will tell you that if you eat a well balanced diet, you should never need any supplements. This hold true more or less. But there is the complex case of Vitamin D which has nothing to do with your diet! This is a Vitamin tht the body synthesises for itself when exposed to sun. Great! So we don’t need any supplements, right? Wrong. It is not as simple as that!

Exposing youself to the sun comes with it’s own troubles. Wrinkles, agening, darkening of the skin and even skin cancer, are a few issues that you may have to deal with if you get too much sun regularly. So what is the right way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, which is essential for bone health?

Try to get a bit of sun daily. But avoid it when the sun is at it’s harshest. Morning 8-10 is the best time for sun exposure. When you do go out in the sun, wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt to get maximum sun exposure. But don’t forget to rub in a good sunscreen into your face and hands as these areas are most exposed all day and are prone to agening and cancer.

If you can’t seem to get any sun, get a supplement that gives you 600IU daily.

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