Losing weight is quite a struggle for most people. In fact, there are many people who work hard to get rid of the excess fat by exercising regularly – yet the weight doesn’t seem to leave! You might think that running on a treadmill every day will surely get you rid of the fat – but No. Why?

Reasons Why Running on Treadmill is Not Helping You Lose Weight

1. You are eating too much! If you are working out religiously but also overeating and not watching what you eat, you are unlikely to loe weight. Not only do you need to eat fewer calories, you also need to be careful about eating healthy food and avoiding junk.

2. Not using the incline! Your treadmill has the incline feature for a reason. When you run on an incline, you burn multiple times of calories. Don’t be afraid of the incline!

3. Boring workout routine! Your body needs some motivation and variety even while working out. If you are doing the exact same run every day, your body will stop responding to it like you want it to. So spice things up a little, change your workout a little here and there.

4. Not setting goals or pushing yourself! If you workout within your comfort zone, it won’t be of much use. You have to push yourself to challenge your limits. So set running goals and push yourself hard to reach those goals.

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Lavanya Mehra


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