It has long been considered that strength training like pumping iron and pushups etc are a workout meant for men. But it is hardly true. Women can benefit as much from pushups as the men! We can work out, build muscles and lose fat, thereby scuplting our bodies the way we want. Pushups are a great workout and here’s why:

– Pushups need no special place or equipment! Do them whenever and wherever you want.

– Pushups increase core strength by activating the whole body, especially the core.

– Your muscles streth while doing pushups and it is great for building muscles.

– Regular practise of pushups improves your posture.

– Pushups help in building a strong body with strong back muscles.

– Pushups are also great for working out your heart muscles as they are called upon to incrase the supply of blood to various muscles.

– Pushups keep our bones healthy and strong!

Pushups are a great exercise if you are serious about being fit and healthy. You can fit a set of pushups in at any time of the day, anywhere you are. So give yourself the pushup challenge – to go from 0 to 50 in 50 days!

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Lavanya Mehra


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