Everyone uses a public restroom as some point. From railway stations to coffe shops and restaurants to airplanes and cinema halls – public washrooms are everywhere and we all use them. But do you realize that there is a certain etiquette expected of you when you use a public restroom?

Public Restroom Etiquette Rules

– Wait for your turn. You will often find a queue, especially in a cinema hall. Do not jostle or run past everyone else, just wait for your turn.

– Do not rush into the handicapped stall unless you are really handicapped!

– Never shake hands inside a washroom or even after leaving one. Nobody wants to shake your hands when they are wet or full of germs.

– Never answer your phone in a washroom. In fact, do not even touch your phone in a washroom if you want to avoid disease.

– Try to finish your business quickly when you are in a stall or washing hands at the basin.

– Do not steal toilet paper or napkins!!!

– Do not waste too much toilet paper or tissues.

– Avoid attempting to make friends in the washroom!

Simple rule is, be nice and polite, go in do your business quickly and make a swift exit! All this, while taking care of hygiene….

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