Most nutritionists and dieticians agree that protein is the key to good health. Healthy amounts of protein in your diet keep you fit, active and healthy. Eat too less and you are prone to becoming sluggish and putting on weight. This is why diets like the popular Atkins diet revolve around the simple funda of eating more protein and less carbs.

If you cannot think of anything besides eggs for protein, here is a list of food items to choose from.

List of Protein Rich Foods

– Eggs, of course! Each large egg contains 6 g of protein.

– Milk. One glass of milk gives you 8 g of protein.

– Low Fat Milk or Yogurt has similar protein content as the full fat milk.

– Cheese, very popular with kids, also has high protein content. Though extremely rich in protein, cheese is also very fatty. This is why it is best to keep consumption in moderation.

– Lean Meat, Fish, Chicken are all very good sources of protein if you enjoy non-vegetarian food.

– Rajmah, or kidney beans, have high protein content just like chicken. 1/2 cup of cooked rajmah gives 7 g of protein!

– Paneer is even better than rajmah! 1/2 cup of paneer gives 14g of protein!

– Dals or pulses are also rich in protein. 1/2 cup of cooked pulses give 8-9 g of protein.

Is it hard to find some protein sources of choice in this list?


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